Operations and Administration

The flow of Administration of this Local Government starts from the Chairman/Caretaker Chairman to the Head of Local Government Administration through the Director of Administration & Generals Services to the Entire Staffs’

Operations And Administration Details

Operations and Administration of Oke'Badan LCDA

The departments in Oke'Badan LCDA are

  • Administration and General Services
  • Finance and Supply
  • Education and Social services
  • Agriculture and Natural Resources
  • Primary Health Care (PHC)
  • Budget, Planning, Research and Statistics
  • Works
  • Environmental, Health Disease and Control (EHDC)

Each department has departmental Head and the Heads of Departments also have their own staff that carries out different functions assigned to them.

Activities and Operations of the LCDA

The Local Council operates in a top-down approach. Instructions from the top and flow down until the instruction is carried out. The activities of the local council are divided based on the departments of the local government and each department has its own functions and area of operations.  The activities of the local government include provision of basic infrastructural facilities and general development of the area under its jurisdiction.

These functions could be further listed as

  • Control of the use and development of land.
  • Formulation of laws and regulations.
  • Creation of markets and motor parks.
  • Provision of primary health facilities.
  • Collection of taxes and levies to carry out levies to carry out its operation.